XBLA Reviews

Toy Soldiers: Cold War ()
August 23, 2011 -

The great 1970’s soul-singing philosopher Edwin Starr once begged the question, “War. Huh, good god y’all. What is it good… Read More »

Super Meat Boy ()
October 19, 2010 -

The moment you press start, and the voice of Super Meat Boy’s booming announcer rattles through your speakers, you know… Read More »

Comic Jumper ()
October 7, 2010 -

Developer Twisted Pixel has already cranked out a couple great games for Xbox Live Arcade, the critically acclaimed ‘Splosion Man… Read More »

Hydrophobia ()
September 28, 2010 -

The water level. Bane of experienced gamers and crutch of lazy developers, the obligatory backstroke through a drowned, hazard-filled passageway… Read More »