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By Kristen Spencer, January 15, 2014 Comments Off on Double Fine’s Broken Age: a terrific game that runs on my terrible computer News

Kickerstarter backers of Double Fine’s Broken Age, previously known as Double Fine Adventure, are already enjoying the cuddly crap out of Tim Schafer’s first point-and-click adventure game in 20 years. But the point of this post isn’t to rub your… Read More »

By Kristen Spencer, March 7, 2011 Comments Off on Double Fine makes with the mechs for XBLA-only Trenched News

Developer Double Fine has announced their next download-only title, Trenched, a World War I-infused tower defense game that will put players in control of a mobile trench. The trailer describes it as a “revolutionary breed of weaponry, a combination of… Read More »

By Kristen Spencer, January 26, 2011 Comments Off on Double Fine starts Stacking next month News

Lovers of Russian nesting dolls rejoice, for Double Fine has finally announced a February launch for their newest download-only title Stacking. The babushka-based puzzle game will be released on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on February 8 and 9 respectively,… Read More »