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By Kristen Spencer, February 12, 2014 Comments Off on Flappy Birds creator grants strange interview to Forbes News

When Dong Nguyen uploaded Flappy Birds, the free-to-play mobile game in which players guide their pixelated avian avatar through an endless obstacle course of Super Mario-esque pipes, to the App Store last May, he had no idea it would go… Read More »

By Kristen Spencer, October 14, 2013 Comments Off on Type: Rider makes fonts fun News

Just what the world has been clamoring for, a game about typography! Okay, so maybe it’s just what the world of graphic designers has been clamoring for, but Type:Rider, published by BulkyPix and developed by Ex Nihilo in collaboration with… Read More »

By Kristen Spencer, October 5, 2013 Comments Off on Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, your new secret shame, coming to mobile devices News

And just when I was getting my life back on track. Nimblebit, developer of the addictive free-to-play indie Tiny Towers, has announced they are partnering with Disney to release Star Wars: Tiny Death Star across all mobile devices. So, is… Read More »